Go Booklets is a multimedia publisher in Fairfax VA (USA).

The imprint was founded in 2012. Before James Patterson called for “small books,” Go Booklets had quietly developed its voice in “writing small.” In 2016, friction was reduced by releasing a selection of PDF ebooks for FREE download. COMING SOON: production of environmentally-responsible, on-demand paperbacks.

Our interests are diverse.

Art | Business | Children’s | Fiction | Humor | Music | Poetry | Pop Culture | Self Help | Sports

We pump up the volumes.

PDF eBooks | MP3 Audio Books | Paperbacks* | Pocket Libraries

* Coming soon — books printed and bound “on demand,” using soy inks and recycled papers. Inventory will be limited.

All budgets considered.

PDF ebooks are available free of charge. MP3 audio books start at $4. Paperbacks start at $15 + shipping/handling. Pocket libraries start at $30 (MP3 format).

All devices supported.

Apple or IBM-compatible | Desktop Computers | Laptops | Tablets | eReaders | Smartphones

We’re saving the planet.

We’ve been committed to audio and ebooks since the rise of epublishing. If a publication is written for a breezy read on an electronic device, then it needn’t be printed. As we explore production of on-demand paperbacks, we’ll insist on environmentally-responsible choices. Papers will feature recycled fiber. Inks will be soy-based. Because our books are smaller than average in length, the amount of electricity used to produce each will be low. Print runs will be the shortest they can be (also known as “on-demand”). We’ll reduce waste as we remove the need for over-runs from the process. Production will be completed locally (in our city, Fairfax VA USA) to reduce the amount of fuel that would otherwise be expended in outsourcing to a regional, national or overseas house (as other publishers do).